Inclusive worship for the learning disabled and their carers

Anyone with a learning or physical disability may find it difficult to fit in to a conventional church service. The language is often old-fashioned and complicated. The sermons are too long. The music and hymns are difficult to follow and understand. Physical access and accessibility are often difficult. There is little space in the pews and aisles and often very little opportunity to actively participate.

Just4u aims to change that, at least in our local community, by providing regular non-denominational services that attempt to be more 'user-friendly' for a learning or physically disabled audience. These services are also suitable for anyone who has difficulty communicating and feels excluded in normal worship events.

Our service in May comes at the start of Christian Aid Week so we will be .following the theme of refugees and a 'Safe Home'. We'll be looking at references from the Bible, as even Jesus was once a refugee. Come and join us at
St Cleers, Somerton,
TA11 6SP
Sunday, May 14th at 3pm
There will be activities, familiar songs and plenty of participation. You will be made very welcome, and bring along a friend, or several!

Now with signing!
We have added BSL signing to our Somerton services, subject to availability of signers, to add to everyone's enjoyment. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.